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New Teacher Blog Kicks-Off!

Author: Dawn Mitchell


For many years South Carolina ASCD has consistently worked to provide a supportive network for our educators as we learn, teach, and lead together.  This year we want to be even more intentional about the support we provide to our new teachers. 

In addition to providing free membership to our induction teachers we also want to offer weekly blog posts that contain tips and resources strategically targeted to the unique needs of our newest teachers. 

Suzanne Koty with CERRA, Jason Fulmer with the New Teacher Center, and Cookie Winburn along with each member of our SCASCD Board of Directors have partnered with me to provide this ongoing resource for you.

This blog is available on our website and you can subscribe here to join our weekly email list. If you know of a first or second year teacher who could benefit from this or if you are an induction or annual teacher yourself, please join us as we endeavor to serve our students across South Carolina in the very best ways possible.


Dawn J. Mitchell,

President, SCASCD



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