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Induction Teacher of the Year Award

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Nomination deadline
May 31, 2024

Today, teachers entering the profession are more diverse than ever before. Our newest teachers are a combination of recent college graduates and persons entering the field through one of the many alternative certification programs approved by the State Department of Education.  These teachers, regardless of their pathway into the profession, bring knowledge, prior experience and skill sets that may benefit not only our student population but also the current teacher workforce and our organizations as a whole.  

Most importantly, they bring with them enthusiasm and a strong desire to impact student learners.  You can hardly scroll through social media these days without seeing posts from recent graduates or participants in the alternative programs who are excited to share their journey into education, who are eager to meet their young students, and who are determined to make a difference in this world one child at a time.  As devoted as we are as a state to supporting these new teachers during the trials of the first year of teaching, we need to be equally committed to celebrating them and utilizing their strengths in ways that best impact our schools.  

SCASCD will do just that. We will be awarding an Induction Teacher of the Year recognition to a first-year teacher who exemplifies the values that SCASCD supports. Nominations will be accepted through
 May 31, 2024.



Who is eligible to be the SCASCD’s Induction Teacher of the Year?

First-year teachers who are new to the profession and participating in an Induction program. Their pathway to the profession is not relevant; they may be a graduate of a traditional college or university education program or participating in an alternative certification program. They must be returning to their school district in the following academic year and must be a member of SCASCD both during the application and acceptance year. Membership is free for first year teachers.  Join Today

How do I nominate someone for the Induction Teacher of the Year award?

The application window opens on May 1, 2024 and closes on May 31, 2024. Each district may nominate one person for the award. The form should be emailed to:

Nominate a teacher (one per district)

How do I apply for the Induction Teacher of the Year award?

You must be nominated by a supervisor, colleague, or peer who is familiar with your work as an educator. Self-nominations are not accepted. Only one nomination can be made per district, and the superintendent must approve it. You will be notified with instructions if you are nominated on how to complete the application and be considered for the award. Nominations are due by May 31, 2024, and applications are due by September 30, 2024. Applications should be saved as one document and sent to by the deadline.

What are the components of the Induction Teacher of the Year award?

Section 1    

  • Name and contact information

  • Education background

  • Professional associations

  • Awards and honors

  • Professional development experiences

Section II    

  • Teaching Philosophy

  • Classroom environment

  • Instructional strategies and goals

  • Home-school connections and relationships

  • Professionalism

Section III    

  • Professional reflection

Section IV    

  • Two letters of support (one must be from the principal)

How is the recipient of the award selected?

After the nomination process closes, candidates are invited to complete an application. The application is due September 30, 2024. Completed applications are scored by a selection panel of educators after all identifiers have been removed. Five finalists are selected. From those five finalists, a panel of educators selects one educator to receive the award using an established rubric. The five finalists will be invited to the SCASCD conference where the winner will be announced.

What are the benefits to participating in the award process?

The five finalists will receive

  • Networking opportunities with educators throughout the state

  • A complimentary registration to SCASCD;s conference

  • Recognition at the SCASCD conference

  • A banner or plaque to display at their school

In addition to those benefits, the winner will also receive

  • A $500 cash award

  • Recognition in SCASCD’s newsletter and/or website and social media channels

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