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ASCD Whole Child Initiative  

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Making the Case for the Whole Child

Why is now the time to advocate for the whole child? Commonsense and research tell us that children must be healthy to achieve at high levels. Yet, at a time when 35% of low-income preschoolers are overweight or obese, 40% of elementary schools have eliminated or are considering eliminating recess, and a time when 38% of U.S. students report always feeling safe at school, and only 17 states have anti- bullying statutes, should we say anymore? Find out more at the Whole Child Resource Clearinghouse that can help you make the case for the whole child. Visit CLICK HERE.

ASCD InfoBrief on the Whole Child

Are you familiar with the five principles of the Whole Child Compact? What existing policies and practices support the goal of healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged children? Where does policy and practice fall short of the whole child mission? The latest issue of Infobrief answers these questions while reviewing the objectives of ASCD's whole child initiative, promising practices from around the world, and the immense work left to be done. Read more at CLICK HERE.


Starting the Whole Child Conversation

To facilitate informal group conversations about the whole child, ASCD has launched the Whole Child Community Conversations Project, which enables groups to explore how to work together to support this important initiative. Two versions of the facilitator's guide are available: One targets local community engagement and the other, student engagement. Learn how to engage your community in a conversation about educating the whole child. For more information and to download the facilitator's guides, visit CLICK HERE.

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Is your school leading the way to ensure that each child is Healthy, Safe, Supported, Challenged and Engaged?


Consider applying for South Carolina ASCD's Whole Child Award.

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