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2024 SCASCD Spring Conference
featuring David Edward Garcia
March 1, 2024
Columbia Conference Center


Working in education is not a job, it is a calling. Even for those who plan to work with kids for a short season, that short season is a calling to build superheroes. David looks at how educators can help students discover their superpower. He shares his personal journey as an at-risk student then becoming a High School French teacher who was working with at-risk students.

This performance follows David’s signature pattern of half standup/half inspiration / ALL POSITIVE. David shares his experience of growing up as an “at-risk” student on the Texas-Mexico border. He shares how he went from failing high school classes to earning three college degrees, learning five languages, traveling to six continents. He also shares candid stories of success and failure that he has encountered as a public high school French teacher in Texas.



  • Keeping your sanity in the wild world of teaching

  • Brain hacks to help you finish when you want to quit in October

  • Being big and impactful when circumstances want to crush you

  • The 90/90 principle: Getting 90% of your students to get a 90%

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