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AI for the Scared, Skeptical, and Short on Time (part #1)

By Shane Peek - Greenville County Schools


We love shining the spotlight on our Emerging Leaders. Check out "What is AI" by @ShaneRPeek

focused on: What is AI · Where is generative AI · Why should we consider using AI in the classroom · How to write a ChatGPT prompt blog?


About the Author

Shane serves as an Instructional Technology Facilitator with Greenville County Schools where he irons the capes of the true superheroes (teachers). As just one member of a dynamic team, his mission is to grow and equip teachers through professional development, co-teaching, model lessons, growth cycles, and one-on-one brainstorming sessions. To learn more, reach out to Shane by email at or follow him on LinkedIn or X (Twitter) @ShaneRPeek.



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