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Matt Schilit

North Middle/High School


1.) Tell us about your role as an educator. What does your typical day look like?


Currently I am the proud Principal at North Middle/High School in North, SC.We serve grades 6-12 and are home of the Eagles.As a Principal there is no such thing as a typical day for me.Every single day brings different opportunities and I love that.What is always consistent with my days as a school leader is the constant engagement with my students as well as my team of faculty and staff members.Teaching and learning as well as school safety are always at the top of my list and my days always include some time in the classrooms.


2.)  What’s your education philosophy summed up in one sentence?


ALL students will graduate with life characteristics and be college and career ready.

3.) Why did you become an educator?


I became an educator to inspire, lead, teach, engage, and serve every student I get the honor of working with.  An administrator that worked with me back when I was in high school made a tremendous impact on my life and I knew then that I wanted to be a Principal and make that same impact on others.  Thankfully I get that chance daily.

4.) As an SCASCD Emerging Leader, how do you hope to have a greater effect on education in your community and beyond?


I always want to be a strong voice in support of education.  I am a firm believer in making sure all students have a personalized experience to ensure they are college and career ready after graduation.  As a SCASCD Emerging Leader I will take the opportunity to network and learn from others to continue to promote education in my community and on a larger scale.  High quality and effective teachers are essential to student learning and being a SCASCD Emerging Leader will help me have a greater effect on recruiting and retaining these teachers.  


5.) What types of professional development (books, DVDs, webinars, courses) have made a difference in your career?


I am a team first leader and really enjoy positive books and quotes.As the instructional leader in my building I always start the school year off with a theme which often aligns with a book.Several books by Jon Gordon have made a difference in my career.The two books that stand out are and .These two books have helped me grow as a leader and improved my personal leadership skills.Earning my Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Administration from the University of South Carolina provided me with the course work to dive deep into research and practical experience with leading a school.I recently had the pleasure of attending AASA’s National Conference on Education and came home with a network of leaders from across the country that will be a resource for me moving forward as a leader.


6.) Was there a pivotal moment when you realized your career choice in education was the correct one? Describe that time.   


For me that pivotal moment was working with my very first batch of students.  I knew right away that my career choice in education was the right one because I was now able to work with students with a variety of skills and lead them to do the very best that they could in our learning environment.  I learned early on the importance of building relationships with the students I serve and to always have a heart for each one of them.  It was a joy to see the success of each student and the smiles that came with these accomplishments. 


7.) If you could make one major change in education, what would it be?


If I could make one change it would be for every student regardless of their zip code to receive the same opportunities across the board.A kid is a kid and they do not choose where they live or the family they come from yet offerings are not equal in all schools.Each student is our future and it is our job as educators to help prepare them for future.

8.) What is your most rewarding experience as an educator?


My most rewarding experience as an educator comes at the conclusion of each school year when I get to stand on stage and shake the hands of each high school graduate.It is a true honor and pleasure to know that these students are ready for what is next in life.As a Principal, high school graduation is the ultimate reward knowing you have played a major role in getting each student to this very important point in their life.It is quite rewarding to know that every student we serve are our future leaders.

Eight Questions For SCASCD Emerging Leaders

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