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#TeachtheChange in 2018

Updated: Aug 4, 2018


2018-2019 South Carolina ASCD Emerging Leaders

2018-2019 Emerging Leaders

In the March 2018 issue of ASCD’s Emerging Leadership educators from across the country shared simple changes their school made to infuse positive energy into the culture. March 2018 Simple Change Article Link On July 27th, 2018 our new group of 2018 SCASCD Emerging Leaders were inspired by these stories and challenged to consider ways they can #teachthechange they want to see in their classrooms, in their schools, in their districts, and in our state. Below are their responses that have encouraged and inspired us.

“All students all the time! Are we leading, teaching, and modeling what we would want for our loved ones?” - Matt Schilit, Principal at North Middle/High School @MattSchilit

“My 2018 focus is this question…Are we building capacity within our building and district by encouraging leadership, celebrating risk-taking, and embracing failures as opportunities? At my school I do my best to lead by example: work hard and be kind.” - Lesley Corner, Assistant Principal at Camden High School @lesley_corner

“Love that @discoveryed #ElevatesAndCelebrates educators and students across the world. We provide resources that enable all stakeholders to learn, share, and connect. #DENSI #PrincipalsSummit #STEMMersion.” - Pam Inabinett, Education Partnership Manager with Discovery Education @pnabbie

“Reach Every Child, Every Day! Teach them with LOVE. At registration we are taking pictures of families with their “wish” for their child this year. These will be posted throughout the halls for Open House to build community for the start of this amazing school year. Together we will reach for the stars and help grant your wish. #TeachtheChange” - Allison Stribble, Principal at Boundary Street Elementary @AllisonStribb

“Student-centered coaching has been integral in our students’ growth. As an Academic Specialists, I work with school leaders to build their coaching capacity and coach teachers directly as they make quality instructional decisions. As the new school year approaches, I am excited to #teachthechange I want to see in education - one in which every educator has the tools and is empowered to meet the needs of all students. Let’s coach and support one another. We need each other to do this great work.” - Shayla Read, ELA Academic Specialist, Greenville County School Central Office @shayla_read

“I am working with my colleagues at Powdersville High School to increase engagement and improve learning outcomes for all students. This year, I am looking forward to collaborating with my fellow math teachers to develop project based learning opportunities for our students.” - Jenny Van Buren, Ed.D., Mathematics Teacher at Powdersville High School

“Let’s make a big community feel smaller. As an instructional technology coach, I create cohorts of learning, but our principal and teachers are trying to build closer relationships in our halls. Our principal regularly features student accolades on Twitter @vikings753. One of our teachers challenged the rest of the faculty to the Teacher Kindness Challenge Video where teachers recognized students who inspired them. The inspiration came from: - Adam Babcock, Technology Integration Specialist, Spartanburg High School @AJBabc

“I use songs 2 encourage stdnts 2 stay motivated & let them know I’m here for them., - Trixi DeRosa-Davis, Spanish Instructor VirtualSC @sraderosadavis

“As a chorus teacher, I know one change can make the difference in creating the performance of a lifetime. Bring it on 18-19 school year.” - Maddie Jurek, Chorus Teacher, Dorman High School Freshman Campus @mhjurek

“Appreciation Matters - As we focus on building a positive school culture and relationships, we are intentional about showing our teachers genuine appreciation. Each week, we will take time to recognize and thank teachers for their hard work.” - Marcia Seawright, Assistant Principal, W.J. Keenan High School @mseawright1

“@Chapman_High we #teachthechange by incorporating our theme “Find A Way” into everything we do. Our school seeks to Find A Way to educate and prepare students for their future success, and as a staff we encourage students to Find A Way to be successful in all aspects of life. At our school, you can Count on Us to love kids, be professional, and have a school the community is proud of. #DoSimpleReallyWell” - Andrew McMillan, Ed.D, Principal, Chapman High School @CHSDrMac

“At @mauldineagles, we #TeachTheChange by accentuating the positive with our students. As a Leader In Me school, teachers are encouraged to submit POSITIVE referrals to admin about the specific ways students are leading everyday.” - Hamilton Parks, Assistant Administrator at Mauldin Elementary School @HamiltonParks17

“This school year I will #TeachtheChange by embracing and modeling the power of YET! I want my students to set, monitor, adjust, achieve, and CELEBRATE their goals, while I do the same.” - Jordan Hudson, Fourth Grade Teacher - Bowen’s Corner Elementary, Berkeley County School District @mrsjahudson

“Create change by getting to know students’ cultural backgrounds and become aware of who you are as a teacher and leader. We must self-assess our morals, values, stereotypes, and understand who we are in order to create a culture change in our school environment.” – Dr. Angela Cox, Instructional Coach, Greenville County Alternative School Programs @drawcox

#teachthechange through empathy; have hard conversations, identify and fight your biases, be proximate to the humanity of those you teach and lead; “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. – Brene Brown”” - Jamie Powell, Academic Dean, Meadow Glen Middle School @jamiefpowell12

“As educators we have the power to take the struggles of today, to drive our classrooms and to make incredible change. Helping students take the phrase “I can’t” and change it into “I can’t yet” is crucial! Through helping students see growth rather than deficits, we can foster a community of future leaders that strive to

achieve the impossible!” - Crystal Chappell, 4th Grade teacher , Monaview Elementary, Greenville County @cchappell0936

“Today and everyday, make a wish for your school to be better than it’s ever been before! Teachers empower others and #TeachTheChange!” - Thomas McAuliff, Instructional Technologist, Anderson School District One @TechTiesThomas

“Each day, each hour, each moment….making a difference! Be supportive and #TeachTheChange” - Jenna Key, Instructional Coach, @jennalkey

“Music is a powerful gateway. We start and end our day with music in our arrival and dismissal areas. It is uplifting and motivating. Our hope is to spark the creativity and positivity of staff and students as they enter and exit the building each day. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good reason to dance?! #letsboogieforeducation

- LaQuana Aldridge, Assistant Principal, Lexington School District One, @MustangAldridge

“Allowing others to see the physical manifestation of #teachthechange is a principle at the very core of my being. We should act in a manner that inspires others to emulate our actions. This year, I am engaging in a personal Think-Write-Act challenge: When I think of someone, I will write my sentiments and act on it by delivering my thoughts to the intended recipient. Placing significance on others by spreading kindness creates a lasting ripple effect. Always remember that it only takes a small change to see a big difference. Empower others--praise effort--celebrate struggle--make an impact!” - Dr. Fran Rogers, Middle Level Academic Specialist, Greenville County Schools Central Office, @franguinnrogers

“As educators and advocates of public education and all of our children, it is our responsibility to protect what we love and to communicate what we do, how we do it, and why it matters. It is not enough for us to speak into the echo chamber that has become our workrooms and our private facebook groups. We must tell our stories, our students’ stories of success and of challenge to all stakeholders. “We protect what we love, we love what we understand, and we understand what we’ve been taught.” – Baba Dioum #teachthechange” – Dawn Mitchell, Instructional Services, Spartanburg School District Six

“As school leaders, we have an opportunity to impact lives. A positive impact comes through intentional, meaningful opportunities. Grit, literacy, empathy, inquiry, etc. are developed through opportunities. What opportunities are you working to provide for your students?” - Josh Patterson, Principal, Sterling School, Greenville Co., @ACE_Patterson

If you were encouraged and inspired as we were by our 2018 Emerging Leader’s #teachthechange responses, we want to invite you to join our 2018 #SCASCDL2L movement and consider how you will be a change agent in education this coming school year. Feel free to tweet your response in our #teachthechange ongoing twitter chat. Be sure to add our hashtags (#teachthechange, #SCASCDL2L, #lovescschools). Please also join us in person for our first SCASCD Whole Child Conference this coming October. Check out our website, for details.



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