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Spring Survival Strategies

Author: Dawn Mitchell


Hello everyone!

Spring is in the air, and I’m sure you and your students are enjoying the beautiful weather outside while also continuing to work at home through e-learning.  I know after six weeks it can be difficult to keep students engaged in their e-learning assignments.  I want to share some spring survival strategies that may help you make the most of these next few weeks with your students.  While spring is in the air and summer is on the horizon, there are still lots of learning opportunities left.  Check out these helpful and relevant strategies for helping you and your students to not just make it to May and survive, but to thrive!

  1. Keep it Novel

  2. Create Shorter Chunks of Time

  3. Let Them Talk

  4. Keep Them Moving

  5. Revamp Your Early Finishers

  6. Use Proximity

  7. Don’t Take It Personally

Check out this link for specifics on each of these seven strategies. While the link to the blog provides examples of these seven strategies within a face to face classroom experience, you can certainly apply them in your digital classroom environment as well.  Moving from a traditional classroom model to a remote learning model can be challenging.  Two resources that you may find helpful to support effective remote learning are 14 Simple Tips for Better Online Teaching and What Teachers Have Learned This Past Month.   In addition, ASCD has created an Educational Leadership special report, A New Reality: Getting Remote Learning Right, to provide guidance on the challenges facing educators during the novel coronavirus crisis. This special issue is open at no cost to all readers. 

South Carolina ASCD will continue to provide support and resources to you for remote learning throughout this year.



Dawn Mitchell

South Carolina ASCD President



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