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South Carolina ASCD’s Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Recently we became aware of concerns about the diversity of the panel related to an upcoming Twitter chat hosted by South Carolina ASCD’s Class of 20-21 Emerging Leaders (ELs). The topic of the chat was Culturally Responsive Teaching and Equity. One of our ELs received the question: “Why were the four hosts for this particular chat all white?” Unfortunately, the individual who asked the question was then blocked. This was a very valid question, and the response neither reflects who we are as an organization nor upholds our core beliefs. We extend our sincerest apologies.

We welcome all voices, and we strongly desire to increase equity and make classrooms more culturally responsive for all students, faculty and staff.

While we consider it a positive that our newest educators are intentionally focused on equity for all children, not having any diversity on the panel was a misstep. The chat has been rescheduled and a more diverse group of ELs has volunteered to join as hosts.

Ranjit Sidhu, CEO and Executive Director for ASCD, said in response to the need for racial justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, “Since our founding more than 75 years ago, ASCD has been an organization dedicated to the proposition that equity matters—and that education must be for all children.” It is South Carolina ASCD’s commitment to align our beliefs on diversity, equity and inclusion with those of ASCD Worldwide, not only in our words but in our actions as well.

Opportunities such as this allow us to be more aware, learn, grow and take deep dives into conversations around equity and inclusion. We are eager to walk alongside our fellow educators in South Carolina to establish learning environments and leadership structures that celebrate diversity, value, and respect all people for their individual and unique contributions and perspectives.

We are grateful for your continued support of SCASCD.




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