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South Carolina ASCD Announces Emerging Leaders Class of 2022

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

As part of our ongoing mission- to Learn, Teach, and Lead, South Carolina ASCD is pleased to announce the selection of the Emerging Leaders Class of 2022.

The South Carolina Emerging Leader Program is comprised of an accomplished group of educators, generally with 5–15 years of experience, who desire to become more involved in our state's educational community. Emerging Leaders (ELs) are passionate and committed to the "Whole Child," a belief that every child in that state of South Carolina deserves to be healthy, safe, supported, challenged and engaged.

SCASCD Emerging Leaders are expected to share their expertise and exemplary practices with SCASCD members and the larger education community. With a track record of success, ELs leverage their passion and enthusiasm to attract high caliber people to the field and mobilize other young educators to continuously improve their practice and become education leaders.

Through engaging and structured networking experiences, South Carolina ASCD’s Emerging Leaders have many opportunities to grow their leadership skills and participate in world-class professional development. 2022-2023 SCASCD Emerging Leaders



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