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Resources From the New Teacher Center

Author: Dawn Mitchell


Hello everyone!

I hope you and your families are doing well!  This week I want to share a wonderful source of support for educators and their families during this time of remote learning from the New Teacher Center.  Recently they launched a Covid 19 Resource and Community Support Hub.  On this website you’ll find additional resources, opportunities to connect and learn from one another, and programming around problems of practice. When I reviewed these resources, I really liked those from Wide Open School that are designed to support students and teachers emotional well-being. There are excellent resources for early childhood and elementary students as well as middle and high school students.  My favorite ones are below.

Elementary and Early Childhood

  1. Gratitude and Happiness – This resource encourages students to take a moment out of their day to consider the role of gratitude in their lives.

  2. Let’s Make A Deal This resource helps students brainstorm ideas on how to compromise when they and someone else want different things.

  3. Appreciation Cards This resource helps students talk about appreciation by making cards for the special people in their life.

Middle and High School

  1. Our Choices and the Common Good -  This lesson asks students to reflect on what it means to behave in ways that promote the common good concentrating on their actions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  2. Keep Calm and Carry On – This resources helps students and teachers learn and practice the three techniques in this video to calm themselves and de-stress.

  3. Share Your Knowledge – This resource asks students to think of something they know and have read a great deal about. It then asks them to use the annotation tool to add their insight to something they’ve read.

South Carolina ASCD hopes these resources are helpful to you, and as we approach these last few weeks of the school year, we hope they encourage and support you as you continue to grow in your practice with digital learning.



Dawn Mitchell

South Carolina ASCD President



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