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Great tools from Gonzalez for administrators, instructional coaches, first-year teachers … everyone!

Author: Dawn Mitchell


Hello everyone!

For the last several months, we have been promoting South Carolina ASCD’s Spring Conference on Thursday, March 5, featuring Cult of Pedagogy’s Jennifer Gonzalez. We are looking forward to a day full of learning, teaching, and leading together!

Each week leading up to the conference, we have been sharing our favorite resources from Jenn’s Cult of Pedagogy website that we have learned from and applied into our own work with students and colleagues. In this post, we want to share three of our favorite resources from Jennifer that are excellent for administrators, instructional coaches, first year teachers…you get where I’m going with this…for everyone!  We want to make sure that whether you are a classroom teacher or not, you know that we’ve got you!  This conference is for you, too!

One of our favorite resources for administrators is Jenn’s blog, Are You Brave Enough to Ask For Feedback.  In this post she makes the case for principals to seek honest feedback from their faculty about what really matters to them.  She provides examples of great questions and suggestions for how to use the feedback in meaningful ways to help improve school culture and community.  Our Executive Director at South Carolina ASCD and former principal of award winning Burgess Elementary School in Horry County, Donna Hooks recommends this resource to other principals.  She writes, “Great tool and challenge to get honest and authentic feedback from staff. Some great exercises also shared in the comment section.”

Another favorite resources for administrators and for coaches who have information to share with colleagues and with students is Jenn’s blog, Are You A Curator or A Dumper?  Robin Hardy, SCASCD board member and Irmo High School principal writes, “When you have information to share with other people and want to develop your curation skills—both in terms of how much you offer and how you deliver it, this blog explains how to make sharing information a lot more effective.”

A great resource for our first year teacher’s is Jenn’s Blog, Diary of a First Year Teacher: Balance. Our board member, Program Consultant for the New Teacher Center and 2004 SC Teacher of the Year, Jason Fulmer writes, “Periodically as educators, we need to do a balance check, and it’s something we need to think about as veteran educators too. This is an entry in a yearlong installment written by Shelby Denhof in 2016 as she shares her first year of teaching journey through blogs and a video library. It encourages us to not get overwhelmed by all of the projects looming, but to pace ourselves to finish the journey strong.”

If you would like to hear Jennifer in person, please join us at our South Carolina ASCD Spring Conference! Come network with fellow educators who learn, teach, and lead together in supporting the Whole Child.  Visit this link for conference registration.



Dawn Mitchell

South Carolina ASCD President



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