2016 ASCD Affilate Excellence Award Winner

affiliate award

South Carolina ASCD has been selected to receive the 2016 Area of Excellence Award in the area of Influence and Policy through ASCD's Affiiate Recognition Award program. 

Board members recently attended ASCD's Annual Conference in Atlanta to accept the award at a Leadership Luncheon with other state affilates receiving recognition.  

Award-winning affiliates must demonstrate exemplary activity, impact and collaboration with the ASCD community according to ASCD's rigorous Affiliate Developmental Continuum.

Specifically, affiliates must aligns influence plans and activities strategically with all other plans and activities of the affiliate and ASCD to become a trusted voice in education policy by building and leading effective grassroots networks to address important issues and regularly representing the affiliate and ASCD on significant education committees and task forces.

SCASCD partnered with the SC Department of Education and the SC School Improvement Council to sponsor a board member for the Education Policy Fellowship Program. EPFP trains educational leaders in policy and practice. One member completed the 2014-15 program and met with state and national legislators to share the legislative agenda. Another board member has begun the 2015-16 training.

In October, State Superintendent of Education, Molly Spearman, presented Whole Child Awards at our fall conference and discussed the upcoming legislative session, praising SCASCD's advocacy efforts.

In November, we conducted an Advocacy 101 workshop, training 57 members in effective advocacy to help move our Collaborative Agenda forward and to respond quickly to any legislation not supporting Whole Child tenets. On January 13, 2016, South Carolina ASCD sponsored its first Collaborative Day of Advocacy at the South Carolina Statehouse. In strong partnership and unity with seven South Carolina professional associations, we were proud to roll-out the Collaborative Agenda for Pre-K - 12 Public Education, an exciting document of common goals for the children of South Carolina.

During 2015, using funds from an ASCD Influence Grant, SCASCD partnered with 7 state education professional associations to create a Collaborative Agenda for Pre K-12 Public Education which also incorporates the tenets of ASCD's Whole Child Initiative. The framework is designed to build a comprehensive education system through effective policy including: quality early care and education; school choice; teacher recruitment, retention, and compensation; comprehensive educator evaluation; and equitable school funding. 

We are currently reviewing pre-filed bills and will inform members of advocacy needs throughout the upcoming session. SCASCD has worked hard to build capacity for advocacy among our members and has demonstrated significant progress along the ADC this year in the area of Influence and Policy.{jcomments on}{fastsocialshare}